I bought Flexi Plus. How do I change my flights?

Flexi Plus allows you to change your flight free of charge to a flight departing the day before or the day after your original flight, subject to seat availability. With Flexi Plus, you do not have to pay a flight change fee or fare differences if changes are made within these time limits.  If you are changing to a later flight, you can make the change up to one hour before the original flight’s scheduled departure date/time. To change a flight to an earlier time, you can make that change up to 40 mins before the new flight departure time at the airport ticket desk or up to one hour before the new flight departure time by contacting us here.

If you change to a flight that is scheduled to depart more than one day before or one day after the original flight, you will need to pay the fare difference but will not be charged a flight change fee.

You can change the route of all flights in a booking online through My bookings section. However, once you have taken the outbound flight, you can only change the route of the return flight at an airport ticket desk or through a call centre. You can only change the route between the same departure country and destination country.

If you have already checked in online for the original flight, you will need to contact us to uncheck that flight before you can make the change.

When you change a flight, the services included in Flexi Plus are transferred to the new flight (if those services are available for that flight). If a service cannot be transferred, you will not get a refund of any part of the Flexi Plus fare.