Booking with travel agents

Online travel agents are companies who do not have any commercial agreements with Ryanair to sell our flights and products. These companies make their profits by adding their own commissions to Ryanair flights and products, which means customers who book through them pay more than customers who book directly with Ryanair.

Some online travel agents do not pass on to us your personal contact and / or payment details, which means we cannot contact you with important updates to your booking or process refunds directly to you.

We advise that customers only book Ryanair flights directly through our verified channels, the Ryanair App and the Ryanair website, and to always check the website’s URL for

If you are being asked to verify your booking, it is because your booking has been flagged as being made by an online travel agent booking. Many of these online travel agents complete the Ryanair check-in process for their customers, however, in order to comply with public health, security and safety regulations, Ryanair needs to ensure that all Ryanair customers complete their check-in personally.

You must verify your identity before you can complete the check-in process so that we can confirm that you have complied with all EU regulations.

If you have been asked to verify your booking, you have the following two options.

  1. Online Verification – this is the quickest option, as; it uses facial recognition technology provided by our partner GetID. They will match a photo of your passport or National Identification Card to a real-time photo of yourself to confirm your identity. Once verified, you will be asked to pay a fee of €0.35c (this is to cover the cost of our partner’s facial recognition technology). Then, you will be able to complete the check-in process online. To start online verification, access your booking here.
  2. At the Airport Ticket Desk - this option will require you to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time to complete the check-in process with one of our ticket desk agents. The agent will confirm your identity and complete the check-in process with you to comply with all EU laws. This process is free of charge, but you must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before scheduled departure time.

All verified Ryanair channels will show the Ryanair verified seal. If you are making a future booking and do not see the blue and white “Verified by Ryanair” seal, the booking is being made through an online travel agent. Bookings made through our App/Website are always verified. If you are booking online, always check the website’s URL for